Bodegas in Luyan de Cuyo plus Trekking and an Asado in Potrerillos

Enjoying some Malbec at Bodega Kaiken

This past weekend was on for the books. On Saturday, I went to Luyan de Cuyo with two friends and we visited a bodega called Kaiken (only 30 minutes by bus from the Terminal de Sol-$60 pesos round trip). The bodega was absolutely beautiful and had an amazing view of the mountains. We did a tour which lasted around an hour and was one of the best wine tours I’ve been on. We started in the vineyard and learned the methods for growing the various types of grapes as well as some of the methods for protecting the vines from the elements/weather.
Exploring the Vineyards with Sally and Cassidy
We then went to the storage room where the wine was fermented and after we saw where the wine was aged for 6-18 months in the oak barrels. After the tour, we did a wine tasting. The wine was some of the best I’ve had while in Mendoza and the guide did a great job of describing some of the differences we would taste in the wines. The tour and tasting only cost $150 pesos ($10 USD) and we spent roughly 3 hours there so I felt like it was a real bargain!
On Sunday, I went with 12 friends to a mountain outside of Mendoza city near Potrerillos called Cerro Manos. The hike started right off of Route 7 and was pretty easy to get to. The hike took about 3.5 hours round trip and the views were breathtaking the entire time. The hike was a perfect half day outing and you felt like you had gotten a workout in afterwards which was great.
Hiking Cerro Manos
After the hike, we went into the town of Potrerillos and had an asado (Argentinian BBQ) next to the lake. We drank wine and fernet, played frisbee, and had many laughs. Over the past several months, I have come to love the asado tradition and I will miss it when I leave Argentina in a few months. It is a wonderful excuse for family and friends to socialize and enjoy each other’s company while waiting for the meat to cook over the coals. We ended up staying at the lake for our aside for almost 7 hours!
I am so grateful to have spent the weekend exploring some of Mendoza’s best attributes (the mountains and the wine country) and I can’t believe that I only have 6 weeks left in Mendoza. I have fallen in love with the people here and the city. I will definitely be trekking and drinking as much wine as I can before I leave. For anyone thinking about visiting Mendoza, you should definitely add it to your list!

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