Best Wine Tour Ever!!–Bodega Tierras Altas

Enjoying a Glass of Rose while on our Tour at Tierras Altas

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Bodega Tierras Altas in Luyan de Cuyo. My friend Cassidy and I opted to visit this bodega because it was supposed to have an amazing and indepth tour. The bodega is a smaller boutique vineyard so to distinguish themselves they have an educational tour on Malbec. The recommendations and reviews were definitely accurate and their wine tour was absolutely amazing!

Travel Tip: Make reservations in advance. We booked 2 days in advance and lucked out. The restaurant was completely booked for lunch but we could get a reservation for the tour (after a little begging).
Checking out the Vines 
The tour started at 11am and cost $225 pesos. We took the #19 bus from Mendoza city to Lujan and then walked 15-20 minutes to the bodega. The tour started off with a glass of Rose and the history of the bodega and family that owned it. We then walked out into the garden where they showed us the difference in the vines between Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. It was fascinating to look at the difference in the leaves and the way the grapes grew. While I’ve been on several wine tours before, they never showed us the difference between in the vines in detail.
Exploring Tierras Altas
Next, we went inside to see the tanks where the wine was aging. We were able to try a 2017 wine straight from the tank that was only 7 months old. The wine tasted fruity but also bitter. The next wine we sampled was a “young wine” meaning it came from younger vines and it had been aged for a year and a half. This wine definitely had more of a flavor profile but it was still very fruity and didn’t have a very full flavor. The third wine we tasted was from 2015 but inside the tank it was lined partially with old oak barrels. This helped give the wine a fuller flavor but it still lacked some of the earthy flavors that come from truly barrel aged wine.
Getting to try Wine directly from the Barrel
The fourth wine we tasted was from a barrel. This wine had been aged from 18 months in first use barrels and it was absolutely wonderful! The taste was amazing and the Malbec at Tierras Altas has been my favorite of all the bodegas I’ve visited. The final wine we tried had been aged for 18 months in first use barrels and then in a bottle for 8 years. We were able to taste the wine both before and after oxygenation and it was amazing what a difference you could taste. I’ve always heard that it is important to place the wine in a decanter or through a device to oxygenate it before drinking but I had never really bothered to taste test the difference. Overall, the tour was about 2-2.5 hours long and it definitely helped me develop more of an appreciation for the wine making process and a great bottle of Malbec versus some of the cheaper bottles.
Enjoying a Glass of Wine before the Start of the Tour
Tierras Altas is definitely at the top of my list of bodegas in the Mendoza region! If you want to learn more about wine and taste some amazing Malbec while you are at it, I definitely recommend doing the Malbec Experience tour. You won’t regret it!


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