Maipu Bike Tour (Round Two) and an Asado in the Mountains

IMG_7284 2
View from Bodega Mevi

A couple weeks ago some friends and I decided to go to Maipu to rent bikes and visit several of the bodegas on Saturday. While I had done this before, I wanted to visit again with my friends and see some different bodegas in Maipu.
Testing Out my Photo Taking while Biking Skills 
We left the city around 10am and took the train to Maipu. The bus was $8.50 pesos and we needed our Red Cards (the same on used for the bus). We rented bikes from Maipu bikes for $100 pesos which is conveniently located on the main road in Maipu . After getting our bikes, we decided to visit Bodega Mevi. While I had been to this bodega before, I wanted to visit it again because the views are absolutely amazing. Before heading to the bodega, we stopped at a local store and bought bread, cheese, and salami along with some fruit. When we arrived at Mevi, we decided to have a picnic. While everything turned out okay, I would recommend having your picnic away from the bodega or asking if it is okay beforehand. The bodega happened to have a restaurant and wasn’t too happy with our picnic on their doorstep haha. However, it was a great way to save money because lunch only cost $30 pesos per person!
Wine Tasting at Bodega Mevi
The view was as beautiful as ever with a great view of the mountains. I decided to do the Reserve Tasting which cost $90 pesos and was all red wine. While the wine was good, it definitely didn’t match some of the other Malbec wines I’ve had in Mendoza. Mevi has younger wines overall so the flavors were more fruity than full bodied (I tend to prefer wine with a fuller body.)
View on the Bike Ride on the way to Bodega Tommaso
After enjoying our tasting at Mevi, we biked on to Bodega Familia Di Tommaso. This is one of the oldest bodegas in the region at the had a great tour and tasting for $75 pesos. I felt like this was the best bodega I visited in Maipu because their tour was informative and showed some great old tanks and machines used to make wine in the 1800’s. The tour lasted around 1 hour and I thought it was definitely worth the money. Their wine was good as well. Again, not at the top of my list but it is also less expensive than some of the other wines I’ve tasted. After Bodega Tommaso, we biked back into Maipu and took the bus back to Mendoza.
Grapes Growing at Bodega Tommaso
On the Monday after our bodega visits, Argentina had a holiday so my friends and I decided to go to the mountains to have an asado. One of the best things about Mendoza is it’s proximity to the mountains. By car, we were able to reach a gorgeous spot on the Mendoza River with a great view of the mountains in only 30 minutes. For those who haven’t experienced Argentina, you will quickly learn that it is a culture build around asados over the grill drinking fernet and coke with friends and family (this typically lasts for around 4 hours at least). I think I have attended an asado on a weekly basis since my arrival and I have grown to love this tradition. If you have the opportunity to attend a “real” asado versus one a restaurant I definitely recommend it!
Cooking our Asado next to the River


Girls Picture! 

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