Seeing a Natural Wonder of the World-Iguazu Falls

IMG_7850 2
View from Diablo de Garganta

Last weekend I took an 18 hours bus (19.5 hours in actuality) from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu. I booked the bus one day in advance from the Terminal de Omnibus in Buenos Aires and I had no problems. I used the company Rio Uruguay and the cost was $1600 pesos for a one way ticket (This was for a semi-cama bed and it included a hot dinner and breakfast.) I arrived to Puerto Iguazu around 2pm and spent the afternoon by the pool at my hostel because it was extremely hot and humid. I stayed at the Iguazu Falls Hostel and it cost $250 pesos per night. I thought the hostel was average but a little overpriced for what you got but I’m assuming that comes which the territory since Iguazu is such a popular tourist destination.
View from the Interior Circuit
That evening I went with a girl from my hostel to Hito Tres Fronteras which is point in Puerto Iguazu where two rivers meet forming the borders of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. I also lucked out because there was a music festival that evening and I got to hear some local musical talent perform.
View of the Falls from Garganta del Diablo
The following morning, I caught the bus at 8:40am to Iguazu National Park from the bus terminal and the ticket cost $150 roundtrip. I arrived around 9am and paid the $500 peso entrance fee to see the falls in Argentina. My friend and I started by hiking the Interior Trail which shows you the falls from a frontal perspective and helps give you a perspective on how big the falls are all together. The trail took about 1.5 hours (with photos) and it was absolutely stunning.
Near the Falls on the Interior Circuit
After the Interior circuit, we took a break for lunch and then hiked the Upper Circuit which allowed you to walk above some of the falls and see all of the local rivers that feed into Iguazu Falls. This hike also took around 1.5 hours.
View of the Falls from the Upper Circuit
Lastly, we took the train (included in the entrance fee) to Garganta del Diablo which is the largest waterfall in Iguazu falls. The power and strength of this waterfall was absolutely incredible and from the path you were able to get really close.  While standing there I was being sprayed by the falls when the wind blew. We spent a lot of time here taking photos and enjoying the view. The walk plus the 45 minutes we spent at the falls made this portion of the visit around 1.5 hours as well.
Garganta del Diablo
There was a plague close to Garganta del Diablo that read “ although the world is scrolling through on your travels you can never find anything like this”. I absolutely love this quote and I think it does a great job of capturing the awe I felt when seeing Iguazu Falls. Although it was a long journey to get there, I am so glad I made the effort to see it and I think my experience in Argentina would have been lacking if I didn’t enjoy this beautiful part of the country.
Rainbow at Garganta del Diablo
View of the Falls from the Interior Circuit

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