Enjoying the Beach in Puenta del Este

Enjoying Playa Brava

After my time in Iguazu I decided to head back to Bunos Aires and then onto Uruguay for a few days. From the bus terminal in B.A. I was able to take the local bus #130 to the Colonia Express dock in La Boca. (While there is another ferry company closer to the bus terminal, prices were much more expensive.) My ticket cost $55 dollars to go from B.A. to Puenta del Este. The ferry ride was very beautiful and took me to Colonia. After Colonia, I went by bus to Montevideo and then took a second bus to Puenta del Este. While this may seem like a lot of transit, I thought it was definitely worth it. While I didn’t spent much time in Montevideo, the city seemed rather unimpressive and I was glad I opted to go somewhere else. Puenta del Este was very beautiful and had some of the nicest homes, condos, and hotels I’ve seen in South America. I stayed at The Trip Hostel which cost $15 dollars a night and had some of the best vibes I’ve ever seen in the hostel plus it had a bar full of craft beer which was an added bonus!
Mermaid Statues at the Peninsula
On my first day there the weather was rather grey, overcast and it was quite chilly so I opted for a walk on Playa Brava and a visit to Los Dedos which is a giant hand buried in the sand. I also took a siesta aka I don’t have a ton of recommendations of what to see from this day. On my second day, the sun was out and the weather was perfect. I spent the morning at Playa Las Delicias and then went for a nice long walk to explore the peninsula more in the afternoon. On this walk I was able to see the old lighthouse called Faro de Punta del Este, a historic church named Parroquia La Candelaria, and these beautiful mermaid statues all which can be found close to the end of the peninsula.
IMG_7915 2
Parroquia La Candelaria
While Puenta del Este has the reputation of being very expensive, I found some cheap places to eat and also cooked in. Furthermore, the nice thing about the beach is it is free! I definitely loved having some time to chill at the beach before heading to the mountains for the next few months and I definitely would recommend Puenta del Este to anyone wanting to visit the beaches in Uruguay.
Dancing on the Beach at Sunset

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Hi! My name is Jordan Gurkin and I am currently traveling around the U.S. and working for a non-profit called Compassion International. I just finished spending a year backpacking and teaching English in South America. I'm a travel blogger focused on bringing you budget travel advice, travel tips, and some of my recommendations on places to visit!

One thought on “Enjoying the Beach in Puenta del Este”

  1. We visited Punta del Este a few years ago and I still remember walking along the beach. We were looking out hoping to see some whales, sadly that was something we missed. Would, however, love to return one day at a time of the year when it is actually possible to swim. 🙂


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