Lago Puelo National Park

View of Lago Puelo

After Sami left, I decided to stay a couple more days near El Bolson and I went to Lago Puelo National Park. The bus from El Bolson to Lago Puelo only took an hour and was around $100 pesos. I was able to catch the bus right next to the main square in El Bolson and take it all the way to the national park which is luckily free!
View from the Beach
Travel Tip: If you are planning on staying a couple of days in the national park I recommend getting your groceries in El Bolson. There is a supermarket in Lago Puelo but it is around 6km from the national park into town.
The Beach at Lago Puelo
Once I got to the national park I decided to camp at Camping Delta Del Azul for a night. The camping was $250 pesos which was a little expensive but I was glad to get out of the city for a couple of days. On the first afternoon I enjoyed the beach close to the campground and spent the afternoon relaxing after the 30km hike I had the day before.
View from the Mirador
On the second day, I decided to do a little hiking and I went to the Mirador Del Lago. The hike only took around 1 hour from the campground and the view was breathtaking. The water was so blue and seeing the snow capped mountains around the lake was stunning. After hiking to the mirador, I decided to walk back on the trail that led through the woods.
Small Hike through the woods
While this national park was very beautiful, it didn’t have a long of long hiking options. Most of the hikes were only around 30 minutes to two hours. While I would’ve loved to hike a little more I also enjoyed having some days that were a little less physical after the past few weeks. Plus the views were absolutely stunning and I knew I was heading to El Chalten next!
View from the Mirador

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