El Fin del Mundo-Tierra del Fuego National Park


After leaving El Calafate I headed to Ushuaia also known as the “fin del mundo” or end of the world because it is the city furthest south in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Upon arriving, I met the nicest french couple and we found a hostel together. We stayed at El Refugio del Mochilero which was expensive ($400 pesos per night) but that is pretty standard in Ushuaia. Luckily, this hostel also had camping and I was able to camp one night once a space opened up and that only cost $200 pesos.
View from Glacier Martial
My first day in Ushuaia was mainly spent relaxing and catching up on my blog posts. However, I did go to breakfast at Tanta Sara Cafe and hiked up to Glacier Martial. The hike to the glacier was nice because it was accessed directly from town and only took around 3 hours round trip from the hostel granted I did hitchhike back to town after the hike so that saved some time. The view of Ushuaia from the top of the hill by the glacier was really beautiful and I was glad I decided to go visit it. Afterwards I walked along the shore and enjoyed the boats and views of Canal Beagle.
Great view of Ushuaia from Glacier Martial
Old Boat in Canal Beagle
That evening my friend Guillaume arrived and we decided to go to Tierra del Fuego National Park for the next two days to hike and camp. After spending the morning getting food and organizing our gear we started walking out of town because the bus to the park cost $500 pesos roundtrip which we felt like was too much. We lucked out and were able to catch a ride on route 3 after 5 minutes and the gentleman took us to the dirt road that leads to the national park. We were then able to catch another ride on the dirt road immediately to the park entrance.  Once arriving to the park we paid the $350 peso entrance fee and then started walking towards Camping Laguna Verde which is free.
Laguna Verde
We arrived to the camping in the mid-afternoon after walking roughly 10 kilometers from the park entrance. After eating some lunch, we hiked along Lake Roca to the border with Chile. The hike was easy and had gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding mountains. We also got to the enjoy the sunset walking back which was breathtaking and afterwards we walked on some of the shorter trails near camp up to Mirador Bahia Lapataia.
Marker of the Chilean/Argentinian border
Sunset on Lago Roca
View of our camping on Laguna Verde at sunset
On the second day, we hiked up Cerro Guanaco with only water and my camera. (Such a nice break from hiking with my 65 liter pack!) This hike was straight uphill and the views were definitely worth it. From Camping Laguna Negra, the hike took us 3 hours round trip but we were moving at a steady pace.
View of Canal Beagle at the Islands of Chile from Cerro Guanaco
Guillaume and I at Cerro Guanaco
View of Lago Roca from Cerro Guanaco
After enjoying the views from the summit, we came back down and ate some lunch before packing up camp. We then hitchhiked back to Ushuaia with the nicest family from Buenos Aires and we even made a pitstop to see the Tren Fin Del Mundo.
Train furthest south in the world
Tierra del Fuego was a beautiful national park and it has a lot of shorter hikes which was a nice change from the hiking I had been doing. For anyone wanting more of a challenge I definitely recommend Cerro Guanaco because the views of the Chilean Islands, Canal Beagle, and the surrounding mountains and lakes are absolutely stunning.
Sunset on Lago Roca
Sunset from Mirador Bahia Lapataia

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