Seeing Magellanic Penguins in Punta Arenas

Magellanic Penguins on the shore infront of our boat

After an amazing time hiking 8 days in Torres del Paine I was ready for a little break from trekking. I decided to head directly back to Punta Arenas and not stay another night in Puerto Natales. I arrived in Punta Arenas around midnight and had booked a tour to go to Magdalena Island to see the Magellanic Penguins that afternoon (1 day in advance and it cost $60,000 pesos.) I decided to sleep a in a little so I booked the afternoon tour which left at 2pm and got back at 7pm which was perfect since I had a 10pm flight to Puerto Montt.
Before leaving for the tour, I grabbed lunch at this AMAZING empanadas place in Punto Arenas which was in the back of the Club Deportes Magallanes. The empanadas were made fresh so they took around 10-15 minutes to prepare but it was definitely worth it! It was also cool because we (a girl from the hostel and I) were the first tourist to ever visit this restaurant and so the waitress actually asked to take our picture to document our visit….how funny is that!
From the hostel I was able to take a shared cab which cost $500 pesos to the boat dock. This was a wonderful option because it was so cheap and dropped me directly at the port. Once the boat left, it was a 2 hour ride to the island where we then stopped for one hour to see the penguins. They were so cute and I loved watching them waddle as they walked! There were hundreds of penguins on the island and we were able to see where they nested and laid there eggs as well. After spending an hour walking around and taking photos we started the 2 hour journey back to shore.
While the trip was very short, it was the perfect thing to do with my afternoon in Punta Arenas and I was so glad I got to see the Magellanic Penguins! I definitely want to plan a trip in the future to see the other types of penguins because they are such a neat animal!

Author: jordansjourneys92

Hi! My name is Jordan Gurkin and I am currently traveling around the U.S. and working for a non-profit called Compassion International. I just finished spending a year backpacking and teaching English in South America. I'm a travel blogger focused on bringing you budget travel advice, travel tips, and some of my recommendations on places to visit!

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