Day Trip to Frutillar

Theatre on the Lake in Fruitillar

Leaving from Punta Arenas I took a flight to Puerto Montt in the lakes district of Chile. I checked into La Huerta Hostel which cost $12,000 pesos a night. The hostal was small with only 7 beds but it was very charming and only around 15 minutes walking from downtown.
Travel Trip: The flight cost $60 USD but be careful because my bag fee ended up being another $30 USD.
Unique architecture of this charming town
My first day in Puerto Montt it was raining so I spent the morning relaxing and then walked around town in the afternoon. On day two, I decided to take a day trip to Frutillar which is a small town on Lake Llanquihue. From Puerto Montt, I was able to take one of the tiny local buses an hour and a half to the town. The ticket cost roughly $3000 pesos and was a great deal! The town of Frutillar has a ton of German influence which was clearly seen in the architecture and artisanal markets. I started my day there by enjoying lunch along the lake at the beach. I then walked around the artisanal markets and bought some truffles and a beautiful copper bracelet to remember my time in Chile since copper is a very important mineral for the country.
Local music students performing on the beach
After my shopping, I walked around the Theatre on the Lake which is a gorgeous performing arts theatre that is directly on the lake and offers beautiful views of Osorno Volcano from the inside. There is also a music school there and some of the students decided to entertain the tourist for some tips. They were absolutely incredible and I was so happy to hear some great classical music outside and along the beach in this beautiful setting. After enjoying the music, I went for a coffee and kuchen at Coffeehouse R&R which was very charming.
Coffee and Kuchen
While I only had a day to enjoy near Puerto Montt before meeting my parents I am so glad that I decided to go to the quaint and charming town of Frutillar.
Charming Coffeehaus shop in Fruitillar

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