Enjoying the Beach at Pichilemu

Sunset from the Hostel

After leaving Puerto Varas, I headed north. I took an overnight bus to Santiago and then changed buses to head to the small town of Pichilemu. It took around 3 hours to get there from Santiago and the bus ticket was around $6,000 pesos.
Beach in-front of the hostel
Upon arrival I found the Pichilemu Hostel which was a little expensive at $12,000 pesos per night but it was right on the beach and offered amazing views. My first afternoon in Pichilemu I walked around town/the boardwalk. I arrived right after the high season so a lot of places were closed but it was still busy enough and I’ve always enjoyed the beach in the offseason.
Street art in Pichilemu
The second day was very overcast but I walked to Playa Hermosa beach from the hostel and just enjoyed the overcast beach day. I listened to music (Ben Howard) and just enjoyed getting lost in the moment and the view. The waves crashing on the beach has always been one of my favorite sounds and the waves in Pichilemu were absolutely huge which is why it is so famous for surfing. That afternoon the clouds cleared and I decided to go on a run to Punta de Lobos. The waves were some of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, the surf wasn’t that great so there were any surfers in the water but it was a beautiful spot none the less.
Punta de Lobos
The next day it was raining in the morning so I enjoyed a quiet and relaxing morning in the hostel. Again in the afternoon the weather cleared and I went to La Puntilla to read and enjoy the beach. Luckily the surf was better my last day in Pichilemu. While I decided not to surf this time, I greatly enjoyed watching the surfers in the water and I was so impressed with their abilities. Pichilemu definitely offers surfing for all levels and is one of the best surf spots I’ve ever seen.
Views from my walk along the beach
I greatly enjoyed the relaxed surfing and beach vibe of Pichilemu and I would definitely return. It was nice to spend a few days at the beach after all of my time in the mountains and down south and Pichilemu was the perfect place to go.
Got to love those west coast sunsets!

Author: jordansjourneys92

Hi! My name is Jordan Gurkin and I am currently traveling around the U.S. and working for a non-profit called Compassion International. I just finished spending a year backpacking and teaching English in South America. I'm a travel blogger focused on bringing you budget travel advice, travel tips, and some of my recommendations on places to visit!

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