Artistic Valparaiso

Valparaiso from Cerro Alegre

After leaving the beach town of Pichilemu I took a bus back to Santiago and then directly onto Valparaiso to meet my friend Janae. The buses run every 15 minutes from Santiago to Valparaiso and the trip lasts around 2:30/3 hours. We stayed at Escarabajo Hostel which costs $8,000 Chilean pesos per night and included breakfast. Upon arrival, we simply walked around the town a little and then went for  an amazing sushi dinner at Tama Sushi.
View from La Sebastiana
The next day we started by going to Pablo Neruda’s house in Valparaiso called La Sebastiana. The audio guided tour was $8,000 pesos and was very informational. I greatly enjoyed the view from the house and learning about the house and Pablo Neruda’s life. After La Sebastiana, Janae and I decided to walk around the open air museum and we greatly enjoyed taking pictures of the street art.
Exploring the Open Air Museum
For lunch, we went for some amazing empanadas at Delicious Express which was also perfect because it was cheap and fast! Afterwards, we wandered around town before going to the Tours for Tips walking tour at 3pm in Plaza Sotomayor. The tour was great and showed us around the harbor and the neighborhoods of Cerro Alegre and Conception which offered great views of the city and more amazing street art.
Street Art Stairs! 
After the 3 hour tour, we took the funicular back up to Cerro Alegre for dinner with a view. After dinner, we went to a great brewery called Altamira. (Recommendation: If you want to go for dinner or drinks here I recommend arriving early because it was VERY busy.)
“El Principito” 


Plaza Sotomayor
The next day, Janae caught an early bus back to Santiago and I spent the morning walking around and enjoying the city and then caught a bus back to Santiago to fly to San Pedro de Atacama. I absolutely loved the colorful and vibrant city of Valparaiso and I can definitely understand why it is one of the must visit places of Chile. The street art is some of the best I’ve ever seen!
“Sunshine makes me happy”

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