Biking in the San Pedro de Atacama Desert

Biking through Valle de la Luna

After leaving Valparaiso, I took a flight from Santiago to Calama on Sky Airlines. The flight cost was $50 USD.

Travel Tip: If you need to check a bag, pay when you book the flight because it is a lot cheaper than paying at the gate. Also, make sure you have your ticket printed or on your phone beforehand.
View leaving San Pedro on the bikes
When I arrived in Calama there were a ton of shared vans to take tourists to San Pedro de Atacama. I paid $10,000 pesos for a one way ticket. I arrived in San Pedro around 9pm and met my friend Guillaume. We stayed at Hostel Atacama Roots the first night. The cost was $10,000 pesos which was pretty cheap for San Pedro. The hostel was nice enough but we opted to move to Quilarcay Camping for the remaining days to save some money. The camping was only $6,000 pesos per night.
Our first day in San Pedro, we decided to rent bikes. We rented from Ckamuria (not 100% on the spelling) which had great bikes and great prices. It is on Caracoles (Peatonal Section) and Domingo Atienza. We paid $9,000 pesos for a 24hr rental. The first afternoon, we went to the Valle de la Luna. We left around 3pm and biked 30ish minutes to the entrance of park. (Entrance fee: $3,000) The bike was the perfect way to the see the valley and it was 24km biking in total.
The amphitheater in Valle de la Luna
Warning: The bike ride is not flat and does involve some decent uphills but it was definitely worth it!
We biked the entire valley and stopped along the way to see all of the sites. We also got the see the sunset which was beautiful. By the time we biked back to San Pedro it was around 9pm.
Sunset in Valle de la Luna
The next morning, we left around 10am and biked to Laguna Cejar. The entrance to Laguna Cejar was $10,000 pesos when you go in the morning. It’s $15,000 in the afternoon. Once we arrived, we explored the lagoons and then went to the saltwater laguna that we could swim in. It was absolutely amazing because you didn’t have to swim at all! It was just like the Dead Sea.
Laguna Cejar
We enjoyed several hours in and around the laguna and then biked the 15ish km back to San Pedro and dropped off the bikes that afternoon. The best part about going in the morning is all of the tours visit in the afternoon. Because of that, there were only around 15 other people visiting the laguna at the same time as us.
View biking back from Laguna Cejar

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