Exploring The Highest Capital in the World: La Paz

La Paz from the Teleferico

From Uyuni, Guillaume and I made our way to La Paz. We took a bus that left at 9pm and we arrive at 4:30am in La Paz. It cost $80 bolivianos for a cama seat. Upon arriving in La Paz, we caught a taxi to Full Hostel which cost $110 bolivianos per night. While it wasn’t your typical hostel setting, it was cheap and really close to the center so it became our hub for this trip and all of our return trips to La Paz.
Note: Almost all buses run through La Paz so most likely you will be leaving and returning many times during your time in Bolivia.
Plaza Francisco in the distance
On our first day in La Paz, we explored Plaza Francisco, Plaza Murillo, and then did the Red Hat walking tour. The tour started in-front of the famous San Pedro prison and then went through the open air grocery market (there are no supermarkets in La Paz. Everything is bought from individual shops in markets), the witches market, and continued onto Plaza Murillo another time (but with more historical explanation.) The cost of the tour was $20 bolivianos plus a tip for the guides.
Overall, I thought the tour was a great introduction to city and offered a lot of great information. After the tour, we walked over to Calle Jaén which had an amazing art gallery (Mamani Mamani) and was a very cute and picturesque street in general. This street also has a lot of museums but by the time we arrived it was too late to visit them. However, if you are interested in going to the museums, the cost is only $20 bolivianos for 5 museums.
On our second day, Guillaume and I decided to explore the telefericos. We started by taking them up to El Alto to see the city outside of the city of La Paz. We then walked over to the viewpoint from the Neptune Fountain and then took the yellow line up the hills again.
View from Neptune Fountain
It was from the end of the yellow line that we decided to grab lunch. We lucked out and right outside the station was a restaurant at the top of a seven story building called Restaurant Panoramica which offered great views of the city while we ate. Plus they had a daily lunch menu so it wasn’t expensive! After lunch, we came back down the mountain and then walked from the end of the line back to our hostel via Parque Urbano Central.
Overall, I was really impressed with La Paz. I usually find large cities to be hit or miss but this one way fairly clean and had a certain energy about it that was very fun. Plus the fact that it is set in the mountains and the structure of the city if different from everything else I’ve seen didn’t hurt either!
Mountain Top view of La Paz

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