Biking the Death Road and Coroico

Image-1 3
View at the start of the Death Road

After spending a couple of days in the city of La Paz, we decided to do one of the most popular activities in the city-biking the death road. There are a TON of businesses that offer death road excursions but we opted to go with Extreme Downhill. It cost $520 bolivianos for a bike with suspension which I would definitely recommend! We met in-front of the business early in the morning to start our tour. We began by driving around an hour and a half to the start of the trial where we began by having a small breakfast. We then biked on the pavement for 45min or so.
While this part of the trip wasn’t quite as adventurous it offered some beautiful views of the mountains and valley. After biking this portion, we got back in the van and continued another 15min to the start of the actual death road. Here we got the bikes situated and set off. Every 15-20 minutes we would stop to take photos and let everyone in the group meet up again before starting another section.
Image-1 4
View from one of our break points
The guides were really nice and offered descriptions of what we would be doing and seeing the next section of the route. After biking for a couple of hours, we stopped for around 30min for a snack. This was a nice break and I was definitely hungry by this point because it was around noon.
Image-1 2
Death Road
After our snack, we continued biking for another hour and a half or so until we finished. Upon finishing, we dropped off our bikes and while the guides were preparing everything we had time for a beer. After loading everything in the van, we went to a hotel for lunch and there was a pool and showers which we were able to enjoy afterwards. We stopped for a little over an hour at the hotel and then we continued on. Guillaume and I opted to go to the jungle town of Coroico from the tour instead of returning back to La Paz.
It was very easy to catch a mini-bus from the local stop where the tour dropped us and then we continued on for 30 minutes to Coroico. Upon arrival we hiked up the hill to Sol y Luna Hostel. A friend had recommend this hostel and I am so glad I took his recommendation! It was a little expensive at 80 bolivianos per person but I thought it was definitely worth it! This hostel was a jungle oasis outside of the city which offered beautiful views, had two swimming pools, and tons of trees and flowers. That evening, instead of going back into town we had dinner at the hostel which had an amazing restaurant!
Sunset at the Mirador at Sol y Luna
While I wish I had more time to spend at Sol y Luna, I am very happy that I stayed for the night and got to enjoy one of the nicest hostels I’ve ever seen. The combination of biking the death road and then going directly to Coroico worked perfectly and I would definitely recommend it for others looking for a little rest and relaxation!

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