Whitewater Rafting in the River Majes

River Majes

After hiking in Cotahausi and Colca Canyons, Guillaume and I decided to take a break from hiking and go whitewater rafting. We didn’t want to do the typical rafting trip near Arequipa because it was only 90 minutes and up to class 2 or 3 so we decided to go to the River Majes which was a 25km rafting trip and class 3/4. We booked it was a company called Kanuwa Rafting and they were absolutely amazing!
Getting the raft ready
It was more expensive than a normal rafting trip ($140 USD) but it included breakfast, lunch, the equipment, guide, and transport. We were picked up at 4:30am to start driving to the river because it was a 3-3:30hr journey. Upon arrival, the crew got the raft ready and we got dressed and ate breakfast. Since it was just Guillaume and I the rest of the raft was filled with other guides. Our group included the main guide (who also owned the company), his girlfriend (also a guide), another guide from the company, a friend of theirs, and one other guide who was in a kayak in case something happened.
Starting Point on the River Majes
We started rafting around 8:30am and it was amazing. The rapids were a good class 4 and we had amazing views of the surrounding mountains and valley as we went down the river. The first 5-10km were all class 4 rapids and then it dropped back to class 3. However, it remained really fun because this was the first trip on River Majes this year so we stopped to scout out the route several times. There also happened to be a lot of trees in the middle of the river so we were having to duck under the branches while also trying to steer the boat. At one point, the guide read a rapid wrong and the whole boat flipped and we all fell in. Luckily, everyone was fine and we were able to get back in the boat before the next rapid.
Pre-Incan Drawings
We finished rafting around 12:30pm and then went to a local restaurant for lunch where we ate shrimp and even got to drink some pisco. After lunch on the way back to Arequipa, we stopped to see some pre-Incan cave drawing that had been scattered hundreds of years ago due to a volcano eruption. There were hundreds of drawing ranging from animals, to geometric shapes, to dancing people. I thought this was a really nice addition to the rafting trip and it was fascinating to learn more about  the indigenous cultures of Peru. We arrived back in Arequipa at 7:30pm which was perfect since I had a 9pm bus to Ica.
This was a great last adventure for Guillaume and I . The rafting was the best I’ve ever done and the guides were very friendly. For anyone who visits Arequipa and is looking for some good whitewater rafting I would definitely recommend the River Majes!

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